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I just had to say, before I go to bed, that one of my greatest pleasures lately is watching the berries grow on the Mulberry tree at the side of our building. They’ve gone from flowerbud to flower and now to green berries all over the tree.

Soon, they’ll be their wonderful deep purple. Soon, they’ll be dropping off the tree staining everything under them. Soon, I won’t care for the Mulberry tree at all, it will just be that tree with the annoying berries that get all over the place.

But for now, I’m enjoying the simple miracle of nature, ever producing, creating, growing.

Gotta hold on to that thought when I’m slogging through a carpet of mushy, inky mess.


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4 Responses to “Mulberries”

  1. Nice thought
    I’m watching the first serious snow of this winter 😀

  2. Are they edible? Because I just had all of a sudden this image of you as an urban harvester…

  3. Indeed, they are edible, and tasty, too! But I tend leave them to the birds who rightfully have claim to them.

    Maybe this year, I’ll grab a few for myself, though.

  4. Cool, snow! That’s right, duh, you’re below the equator.
    Just saw the beautiful pic on your foto site. Very cool.

    I’ve never been to South America…yet. One of these days.

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