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Just a quick round-up of happenings this week in the life of Jamie & I.

  • Got a closing date for our Co-op.
  • Had dinner with my High School French teacher at Chez Josephine. A great reunion!
  • Tried to watch Walk the Line but it stopped halfway through. Netflix is replacing.
  • Did I mention we got a closing date for our Co-op?
  • Packed some more boxes.
  • Got extremely drunk at the above mentioned dinner with HS French Teacher.
  • Regretted the item above seriously the next day.
  • Got vegetables galore at our Greenmarket.
  • Watched The Passion of Joan of Arc, an amazing silent film with an amazing history.

Yes indeed, as of the late afternoon of June 21st, Jamie & I will finally be homo-owners. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Gay Pride. Who needs a parade?


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4 Responses to “Random”

  1. So you are doing fine! Very well! 😀
    I will write down that of getting drunk with a high school professor, it sounds so funny and must-try-it!

  2. Yeay yeay and yeay… hallelujah brother! Hope the wine was good 😉

  3. Ah Nath, would that it had only been wine! Here is the list (as I remember it, at least):
    Espresso Martini – At Le Madeleine prior to heading to Chez Josephine to meet HSFT.

    1. Espresso Martini #2 whilst waiting at Chez J. for HSFT to show up.
    2. Pinot Noir, tasty but in the end, too light for the entree, so,
    3. Cabernet with the entree (wild mushroom stuffed quail)

    At that point, after dessert and coffee, HSFT left for a concert.
    Jamie and I continued at Chez J.

    1. Cognac, courtesy of the lovely Jean-Claude Baker.
    2. Sidecar at the recommendation of our waiter.
    3. Sidecar #2 as a gift from our waiter.

    Then, back to Le Mad. for another visit with our favorite bartender who is leaving for FL at the end of the month.
    I don’t remember what Jamie had. I had a coke. I was done.
    Friday was so very, very hard. LOL

  4. Jamie had another Sidecar. Work was so very, very hard for Jamie too.

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