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So today is the day. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives, as they say.

At 2PM this afternoon, Jamie and I will be in a room filled with lawyers. We’ll be signing contracts and checks. And at the end of it all, we’ll get the keys to our tiny kingdom. Or queendom, as it were.

It’s all very daunting and stressful. I’m living in a kind of boxed up tension; very numb at the moment. I think Jamie is as well. It’s not that we’re nervous that this won’t happen, because it will, I think it’s the enormity of the thing.

In just a few hours, Jamie and I will have, as I’ve said before, our very own home. Together. And that’s a very nice feeling. We just want the process to be done with. And it will be… soon.

Ni… oops, can’t sign off that way at 7AM. Ok then,

Counting the minutes and seconds,

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2 Responses to “Closing”

  1. It’s like… Wow!
    Just a couple of hours, less than 200 minutes… and counting!
    Good luck, try to sleep or play some game till it’s time 🙂

  2. Indeed, thanks for the good wishes, Zim! It’s all over now; see new post.

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