Exhausting. That’s what it is.

To quote an overrated movie, “Life is like a box of chocolates”, blah, blah, blah.

I mean, Jamie and I knew that the apartment we bought was in need of repair. We embrace the concept of “sweat equity”. We were not, however, quite prepared for the amount of sweat that was in store. It’s like biting into a chocolate expecting a yummy caramel only to find it’s crunchy frog.

This weekend, our first 2 1/2 days of owning our new home, we have completely gutted the kitchen. Well, the wall tiles are still in, but we’re taking them down tomorrow. Here are my phonecam pix from today. We’ve also prepped all the walls for priming. It occurred to us near the end of the dust-spewing scraping that perhaps we should have donned masks.

Click here for Jamie’s account and pix.

We’ve discovered that the marble in the kitchen was laid badly and all cracked. This had been hidden by the linoleum laid atop it. So we ripped that out; the linoleum and marble, all gone. The cabinets have all gone bye-bye. The stove is in the living room until Monday when it is being carted away with the 100 or so above-mentioned marble tiles. The fridge, the fridge is staying. It has water and ice in the door and that makes Jamie extremely happy.

And what makes us both very happy is that it is ours, and remembering that, all the work is definitely worth it.

Tomorrow we head to IKEA to figure out how we are putting the kitchen back together again.

Did I mention the existing toilet leaks into the apartment below? A new one is arriving Monday. Talk about your box of chocolates. (Sorry, I’m exhausted.)


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One Response to “Deconstruction”

  1. Well, I never heard about a new house with everything working perfectly… But working on it, you are going to love the place and feel it more “yours” than now 🙂
    Enjoy it!!!

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