A quick update of the ongoing process that is buying our new home.

Lots of things going on. The stove, counter top and pile of 12″ marble tiles are no longer in the living room. They were picked up yesterday by a lovely gentleman we found through Craig’s List. Jamie can supply the contact info if he wishes. Yes, Jamie and he (I was kept at work very late) carted it all down to the van and away it went.

The new kitchen floor tiles and new toilet have arrived. These will be installed within the week.

Our ceiling is being replastered, as is the back kitchen wall. Within the week.

Our new kitchen cabinets, etc. arrive on the 11th. We’ll be wildly painting all that week.

Our wood floors are being refinished the week of the 16th.

And the big move into the place is on Monday, July 23rd. Less than one month from now all this work will be done and we’ll say goodbye to our current rented home and move into our very own (in 10 or so years after we pay the bank for it) home.

Pshew. That’s the brief update on our next few weeks. I’ll be posting pix as we progress through the renovations so everyone can join in the fun!

And on that note, since I have to get up earlier than usual so I can leave work a bit earlier than usual to go scrape the remaining cement from the old kitchen floor prior to the new floor being installed, it’s time for bed.


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One Response to “Scheduling”

  1. Oh the wonders of early rising and late nights… I remember those. Just keep telling yourself “it’s all worth it, it’s all worth it”. xoxo

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