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As in extreme physical pain.

Yesterday, well actually given when I’m writing this, two days ago, Saturday to be exact, we primed the entire apartment.

All of it: the walls ceilings, doors and trim. From about 10AM until 10PM we primed. Jamie cut-in, I rolled.

I had forgotten, silly of me, I know, that fresh plaster, like our new ceilings, suck up paint like a sponge in the desert. And suck they did. The walls, after the ceiling, they were a relief, though for the last two hours or so it all seemed a living hell. But it was worth it.

Today, or rather now, yesterday, Sunday, we painted the ceilings. Oh how nice they look. So pristing and flat and fresh. The rooms are being transformed before our eyes. The only disappointing part of the day was when we realized that the paint store has messed up our order slightly and given us two gallons of Arctic White and one of Winter White rather than the requested two gallons of Pale Sea Mist and one of Arctic White. Let that be a lesson to us all and, of course, one we should already know when buying expensive cans of paint: always check to make sure you have the right product before leaving the store.

We made do. The Arctic White went on the ceilings and trim in place of the Pale Sea Mist and while it may not be what was planned, I think it will still look lovely.

Here’s the obligatory link to the bad phonecam pics of the day.

Oh, did I mention that the people who lived in the place before us had a child who liked to draw on the walls with crayon? Have I mentioned how certain colors of crayon just don’t want to hide no matter how many layers of primer you use. Did I mention that Jamie spackled the fuck out of the crayon marks to make them go away only to be then left with odd raised patterns in the shape of childish crayon drawinging on the wall? Did I mention how Jamie today scraped off all the spackle which had finally soaked up the offending crayon? Did I mention that you should never, ever, under any circumstances allow your child or yourself, for that matter, to run rampant through your home doodling hither and yon with crayons? Did I mention any of that?

Well, now I have. Props, huzzahs and three cheers for Jamie for his persistence in the crayon doodle eradication project.

And now, to bed where I shall dream of tomorrow’s, today’s, Monday’s, color filled painting; a day of Jalapeno Green, Moroccan Red, a Dash of Curry. And no, none, not one, crayon.


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2 Responses to “Pain”

  1. But you seem to be happy after all! 🙂
    That’s nice

  2. The Mr Clean eraser/sponge works, not that I go around crayoning away or anything, but I heard this from reliable sources (read: people who have kids and turned their back for 2 seconds)… Not that you’ll need it now…

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