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Minutia. That’s what life is about right now. That’s what’s keeping me from writing. That’s what is ruling my life.

Where to hang this picture? How to arrange the drawers in the kitchen. (And I must say that they are arranged beautifully. Having made, just the other night, the soup previously mentioned in these pages, I found everything within easy reach, readily accessible. What a joy!) Where to put the tchotchkes, on a shelf, into storage, in the garbage? Curtains or blinds or shutters. (Solar panels on the main living room window and solar blinds on the rest was the JC Penney answer to that one.) Etc and etc and etc…

It was an eventful, busy day. Our super Super installed the new faucet on our bathroom sink. We were going to tackle it ourselves but found the rusted connections and aged pipes somewhat daunting. Our floor guy came by to install the threshold between the living room and the kitchen. This was a difficult task as the height along the 12 foot run varies between 1″ and a quarter inch less and a quarter inch more. Lots of shims and Liquid Nails and in the end, the thing looks beautiful. And finally, the arrival of the Sears plumber to hook the refrig up to the water so Jamie can finally have his longed for water-and-ice-in-the-door. I have to say, it’s quite lovely and convenient. As much as I bust his ass about it, I’m glad we went that route. And while all that was going on, J was doing laundry and I was installing knobs on the kitchen cabinets. We finished off the day with three margaritas and a really good meal at the local Mexican restaurant. I was pleased to discover that our previous, first, rather disapppointing, visit seems to be the exception; tonight was great.

And the the Mets won.

A very good day all around. Now Jamie’s in bed and I’m soon to follow ’cause:

Tomorrow, it’s again the first bus, for hopefully the last time for a long while, to Ikea to pick up some remaining whoo-ha’s. Ya know, a couple pully-outy things and more handles for the kitchen, some cool lights for the hallway, possibly yet another book case, though none of the ones lining our walls at the moment are Ikea, I do need somewhere better than the lovely milk crate to store my music.

So hopefully soon, I’ll remember to write about the actual move, which was exciting and wacky, as all moves are. And it’s about time I posted some new pics in the Renovations gallery; why, it’s almost a finished product! How’d that happen?

Lotta sweat, lotta bruises, lotta swearing and a whole lotta love. I can’t imagine having done this with anyone other than J.

I love my husband and I love my new home.


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4 Responses to “Minutia”

  1. Those panels and blinds are fabulous! I think you just saved my marriage. We’ve been “disagreeing” about how much sun we get in the apartment (I love lots of sun, Mr. – rightfully so, but don’t tell him I said so – wants to install blinds to protect furniture and maintain a decent temperature… Yes! a compromise! You, dahlin’, are the bomb.

  2. 😉 I do what little I can to encourage world and matrimonial peace. The blinds should be shipping on Tuesday, I’ll let you know how they work out once they’re up.

  3. Kirk!
    I am waiting patiently for the rest of your photos.
    I am an incurable insomniac who sang with you at Wilson High School, and worried once that I might have given you the chicken pox…not sure if I did or not! It was a bit ago, what, about years.
    Anyway, one of the consequences of insomnia for me is LOTS of online time. I am not a fan of infomercials, and one has to entertain oneself somehow. I google people. Most of them never know, but after following you for a month or so through your move, I thought it best to come out of the webwork and say Hi, and Congrats on the new place!
    So put down the tchotchkes and get your new photos up!

  4. Hey MaryEllen! Thanks for the congrats. How wacky and small the world is. 🙂 I promise I will put new pix up this week, just not tonight, I’m pooped from doing the second coat of paint in the bathroom. I can sympathize with you on the insomnia, while it’s not an regular thing, it is indeed a frequent friend. I’m not so much up all night as in and out throughout the night. But tomorrow, yes, I’ll pin it down, tomorrow I’ll put up new pix. BTW, don’t worry, you didn’t give me the Pox. 😉
    Great to have you pop in!


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