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Stewart. That Martha. She pissed me off. What about? Quinces.

There was a piece in the latest Martha Stewart magazine about “The Forgotten Fall Fruit”, ie: quince. Jamie & I were at our local, really good, fruit and veggie market yesterday when there, in a bin, were some quinces. I thought, “Why not?”, and chose two that, to me, looked quite lovely.

Arriving home, I looked up the article and found that Ms. Stewart says to buy quinces with no sign of green skin; that ripe ones are pale yellow to yellow. I, of course, had bought two greenish ones. Why? Why did I do that, you ask.

Because the art director of the piece, for whatever reason, had used two lovely green quinces on the first, full-page picture of the article. And as I tend to lean more toward the visual, I remembered the picture not the words.

So now, I have two greenish quinces resting on the kitchen counter, ripening. One day, the air will be redolent with their, reportedly, lovely scent and they will be the proper, yellowy color.

But for the moment, they’re green and I’m still pissed off at Martha.

…Didn’t I just write about falling into petty annoyances. Ah well… I’m only human. 🙂


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3 Responses to “Martha”

  1. In spanish we call quinces membrillos. It’s not easy to find them at the market. My father likes to make desserts with quinces. The problem with this fruit is that it is cloying…

  2. Hey Mr. Z., how about a recipe! k.

  3. My father don’t uses recipes… is more like .. as it goes. But if I found something about I’ll tell you 😉

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