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Well, after updating WordPress, I discovered that my previous theme was not totally compatible with the new WP version, hence the change.

I like it. Need to do some more work. I’ve only got one of the five header images personalized, but by the end of the weekend (or sooner) I’ll have ’em all changed over.

And now, it’s late and I’ve got an MRI early in the morning. Gotta see how the squished disks in my back are doin’. From the spasms in my leg, I’d say not as well as I’d like.

We’ll see. I cannot wait to be shoved into that metal tube…not that I’m claustrophobic or anything……….


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One Response to “Changes”

  1. Wow, this looks… different!
    There was a workaround for the widgets/sidebar problem; I used it to restore my blog. It’s a plug-in that disables I-don’t-know-what and it works magically.
    Good luck with the MRI!

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