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I’ve decided to devote the text widget, that space with the unfrequently updated “Semi-daily thought/quote”, to a higher purpose.

I’ve decided to act upon one of Jamie’s previous posts, “100 words that every High School senior – and their parents – should know”

So every day for the next 100 days (hopefully), I’ll update that little widget with a new word on the list.

We find fun where we can. 😉

For the complete list, go to: 100 Words

Today’s word (and as it’s 11:30PM, tomorrow’s as well) is: Abjure.


**UPDATE** I seem to have broken my widget. It won’t upload today’s word. Project on hold for the time being. Damn.

**2nd UPDATE** Seems to be working again. Welcome to “abrogate”.

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4 Responses to “Words”

  1. I won’t remember the 100 words, but with some good luck some of them will remain in the deep deep places of my mind waiting to be used 🙂

  2. LOL At 45, I still have not found that “abrogate” has ever been necessary in conversation. But who knows…

  3. Can’t we abrogate that word?

    (is that a good use of the word?)

  4. Zim, that works beautifully for me. Touché! On to the next word. k.

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