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I wasn’t sure whether to title this “gay” or “hate”… I decided to go with the more positive of the two.

I received the following message from Brian, an old friend from NYC. Kelsey is Brian’s wife’s God Daughter:
Kelsey came out of the closet today. First to her family, then on Facebook. She lives in Louisiana surrounded by a conservative Christian community. She is having a really hard time, online and off, and could use all the friends and support she can get.
Please friend Kelsey and show her your support. Pass this message along to anyone you think might appreciate it.

Thank you.

Go here to friend Kelsey on FaceBook.

I dutifully FaceBook friended Kelsey; she accepted. I then went to her page. There I found numerous posts and comments from her “christian” friends (I suppose “friends” deserves quotes as well). These were people, horrified; people who couldn’t believe that their friend had so betrayed them, and therefore their version of Christ, by coming out of the closet.

They tossed the usual judgements at her, damning her soul while claiming to care about it.

How could she?!

I passed Brian’s message on to a number of, as I called them, my gay, spiritual, or spiritually gay, friends.

If you are on FaceBook, I urge you to friend this young woman via the link above.

Let’s face it. I, and most of the gay (my thumbs keep typing fay: a term stereotypical, as well as mis-spelled) people I know, live in a bubble. We have it relatively easy to very easy. Most of us live in cities, or larger towns, on “coasts”. One forgets.

Even here, having moved back to Reading, PA, it is easy to forget the days of my youth when it wasn’t as… Oh, but really, compared to what someone living in a true religiously conservative area goes through, even back then, in my fraught teens, I had it easy. (Thank you, Genesius; the theatre, not the Saint.)

How many young people out there never make it out alive simply because they can’t be free to be who they really are? Or just as tragically mind-bending, stand up to the world, showing their true selves, only to be beaten, spiritually, emotionally, physically, or often, all three? How many? How fucking many?

I could spend paragraph after paragraph of discourse on the hypocracy, the dishonesty, of the fundamentalist “christian” hate mongers. That, however, has been done before, by people far more learned than I. The problem is, one cannot have reasonable discourse when one party is blinded by a fundamental sense of “right”.

I no longer have the energy, or will, for this type of discourse.

What I do have energy for, is living my life as the out gay person that I am, and supporting those who choose, no matter the oppression, or odds, to do the same.

Have strength when you need it, lend your strength when it is needed from you.

How odd that the choice that Kelsey made, the choice to live as the Universe made her, the choice to live honestly to herself, and the world, how odd that that should have to be so hard.

Now that’s, as the kids today say, gay.


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And that.

Since it’s been so damned long since I last wrote, as Nath constantly reminds me, some random thoughts that have been running through my mind. In no particular order, with no particular relevance, rhyme or reason.

  • Follies. Sondheim’s Follies. One of my favorite Sondheim scores. J & I went to see it at Genesius Theatre in Reading, PA. This is the theatre that’s responsible for me existence, that kept me alive during my high school years; dramatic but true, and I’m so glad I’ve reunited with them.

    It was a great evening. A number of folks who I worked with, oh, 30ish years ago, were in the cast, some reviving their old roles (Genesius did the show in 1977; found these slides in my collection. Yeah, slides, kinda like visual 8 tracks) and some doing the show for the first time. Joining the “old hands” were a good number of new Genesians who were equally fun to watch. Quibbles with the production, of course, it’s me, the king of curmudgeons, but still, wonderful to see.

  • Hillary go home. And take Bill with you. With Hil’s latest inexplicable and twisted pronouncement, it’s time to go, ok? Never has a brilliant dynasty choked on its own hubris so monumentally.
  • Hospitials are not fun. Yes, a couple of weeks ago, I spent some time in the hosp, getting poked, prodded and scanned. I had been suffering from dizziness for a bit (some would say my whole life) along with some other disturbing symptoms, not the least: blood pressure was 80/60, not good. So my doc had me admitted – pretty sure it was some sort of virus but not wanting to take any chances – and there I was. The concern was that it was something with my heart or lungs. One does get expedited treatment if there is even the suggestion of heart problems.

    So scanned I was (I seem to have momentarily channelled Yoda), duly pricked, hooked up to machines, drained of blood, and what was discovered? I have a great heart, great lungs and seemingly, no lurking clots. In other words, no answer to what was causing the original symptoms, but the fear of my heart exploding is no longer hanging over my head. So, I guess, in the end, it is a virus, still a bit with me, as I’m still having occasional dizzy spells, but they are abating with each passing day.

  • Camping. J & I have already been once this season. Several weeks ago. Ricketts Glen State Park in PA. A great, early season, getaway. Not too many people there, by the last night, we were the only ones in the park which was eerie, but cool. At some point, I’ll post the pix of our waterfall hike.
  • I lost a dear part of my extended family. She had suffered from incredibly debilitating MS for years. It’s still hard to believe that she is gone, but I’m sure she is out there, smiling slyly (as she did), flying high; finally free of the constraints of a horrible disease. Keep her and her partner of many years in your thoughts.
  • We’ve decided to add a closet in the bedroom. We need to have a 96″ door milled. We’ll, we don’t have to, but it will then match the hall closets, so really, we have to. 🙂 Now we just have to find someone to do it.
  • Ok, I want a Wii Fit, I love my Wii and the Fit looks like a fun addition.

Damn, the Sunday morning talking heads are on and I’m being distracted. More later, after the heads and a trip to the grocery store. Whoo Hoo! Do we know how to do holiday weekend, or what?! LOL


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Apparently does matter. At least to Nath.

“Your new theme is so hard to read. The text is too small. Make it bigger,” says she.

Now personally, I like the text the size it is and I can’t believe that her eyes (ses yeux, fatigué, blasé…) are any worse than my 45 year old bifocal-ed orbs. But we all view the world through different lenses, so be it. Ok. Done.

I’ve searched for, found, and ta da!, added the “change font size” widget by Ferran Rodenas.

Thank you, Mr. Rodenas, you have made a lovely French girl – not me silly; Nath – very happy. Now she can pump the pixel size from its delightful 13px to a very frightening 22px if she so wishes.

And they say I’m a cranky curmudgeon. The things I do for you kids. 😉


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As in the look of the site.

I’m still not happy with it.

I know what I want. At least I know the look I want at the moment.

I guess I’m going to have to buckle down and start learning how to code my own themes.

I used to hand-code everything. Years ago. Unfortunately, I haven’t kept up on the latest specs of HTML. Okie doke, guess I’ll have to do a quick refresher on that, too.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this theme, in fact, I really like its clean layout and design. It’s quite lovely.

It’s just not me. Well, of course it’s not, I didn’t create it. Adding in some of my own pics is not going to make it “me”.

This learning process will probably take a bit. I guess, then, that I’ll keep on switching between other people’s themes for the time being, adding just enough “me” to make it a bit “mine”.

Wish me luck.


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It seems as though that is exactly what this weekend is turning out to be. A weekend of roundtuit.

Now I suppose that it should really be spelled “roundtoit”. But, seeing it, you wouldn’t pronounce “roundtoit” the same, correct way one would pronounce “roundtuit”. At best, “roundtoit” would be gifted a French sensibility and be pronounced, “rontoi“; but what the hell is that? And without the French inflection, well, “roundtoit” is just rude.

So “roundtuit” it is. “Roundtuit”, as in, “when I get around to it,” in case that wasn’t painfully obvious by now.

‘Round to what? Little things around the house that I’ve been putting off: painting the trim on the door frames, painting the window trim in the bedroom, touch-up painting all over the house. Lots of painting. Frankly, I’m sick of painting.

But you know what? From now on, when I’m sitting on the couch or walking down the hall or lying in bed, well, I won’t have that splotch, that ill-defined line, that naked, primered window frame taunting me. No, I’ve put those little household demons to bed.

Now I can sit back, relax… and ponder the other projects I want to get done around here. The joys of home-ownership.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

New pix of the “finished” product coming soon, I promise.


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I’ve decided to devote the text widget, that space with the unfrequently updated “Semi-daily thought/quote”, to a higher purpose.

I’ve decided to act upon one of Jamie’s previous posts, “100 words that every High School senior – and their parents – should know”

So every day for the next 100 days (hopefully), I’ll update that little widget with a new word on the list.

We find fun where we can. 😉

For the complete list, go to: 100 Words

Today’s word (and as it’s 11:30PM, tomorrow’s as well) is: Abjure.


**UPDATE** I seem to have broken my widget. It won’t upload today’s word. Project on hold for the time being. Damn.

**2nd UPDATE** Seems to be working again. Welcome to “abrogate”.

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Well, after updating WordPress, I discovered that my previous theme was not totally compatible with the new WP version, hence the change.

I like it. Need to do some more work. I’ve only got one of the five header images personalized, but by the end of the weekend (or sooner) I’ll have ’em all changed over.

And now, it’s late and I’ve got an MRI early in the morning. Gotta see how the squished disks in my back are doin’. From the spasms in my leg, I’d say not as well as I’d like.

We’ll see. I cannot wait to be shoved into that metal tube…not that I’m claustrophobic or anything……….


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Yes, happy birthday to me and all the other birthday boys and girls around the world.

It’s odd to think how old 45 seemed years ago. Now that I’m there, I’m finding it pretty darned delightful!

Looking forward to dinner tonight at The Riverdale Garden. Yummm…

Anyway, happy birthday to us all!

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That’s what the schematic for the kitchen tin order is. Finally.
Layout of kitchen for pressed tin order.
Jamie should be pleased; I know I am.

Tomorrow I will fax it off to The Tinman in TX to be cut and shipped and sometime next week (next week!!!) we should have a completed kitchen.

But for now, to bed for a lovely 6 hours of sleep. I think I might be getting too old for this… Nahhh, never.


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As in the store, not the library cataloging system.

I must admit to a certain prejudice against Sears. It’s a store that seems so old fashioned, so out-of-date; it felt that way even way back when, when I was just a lad. But they do sell great tools and appliances. And they have great sales.

This evening, Jamie and I took a long subway ride out to the Rego Park Sears. It was time to buy appliances for the new place. Or rather, one appliance and two other necessary household items. We were assisted by a wonderful woman named Glenda, who was certainly good and, in no way that I could see, a witch.

(Edit – After I published this and was heading to bed, it struck me that of course, the above reference is incorrect as it’s Glinda the Good Witch. Now, I could have just edited it out, but I think it’s a testament to my level of exhaustion that I, a lifelong homosexual, could forget the name of a character from that particular film. I say stet. – k.)

We got:

  1. A new stove. Gas. With bridge burner in the center of the cooktop and, my dream, convection oven. Thank God for 20% off holiday sales!
  2. A lovely range hood.
  3. A 12000 BTU air conditioner.

This is all being delivered to the house on 7/10, the day before the rest of the kitchen arrives from Ikea.

Tomorrow, we’re getting exact measurements so we can order the pressed tin for the kitchen from Chelsea Decorative Metal Co. in, of all places, TX.

Hopefully the ceiling and the kitchen floor will be finished by the time all this arrives.

And yes, I do understand that this little blog of mine is becoming alarmingly johnny-one-note. At the moment, though, getting this apartment ready to move into is an obsession. A necessary obsession. A painful, muscle-aching, yet wonderfully joyous obsession.

One of these days, I promise to write about something else. Until then, well, this is my little space and I’ll write what I damned well please. And in the end, I’m too bloody exhausted right now to write anything longer than this anyway. Ah well, such are the joys of home ownership.

But damn, it’s going to look great when it’s finished.


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